Continental Tires

Continental is one of the world’s leading automotive industry suppliers. Continental AG was founded in 1871 in Hanover, Germany. It is currently one of the five largest automotive suppliers in the world and is the second largest in Europe. As of 2008, Continental employs approximately 140,000 employees at 190 locations in 25 countries. Continental ranks fourth worldwide and is the market leader in Europe in passenger, light truck tires and industrial tires.

Continental considers environmental protection as a key management responsibility. They align the production, quality, and performance of their products with environmental soundness. Every one of their employees has an obligation to protect the environment. Climate protection is anessential part of environmental protection and their corporate strategy. They invest in research and technologies for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. They also work on products and systems that reduce the emissions of other pollutant gases, such as from their air conditioning systems. They also contribute to the conservation of natural resources by using renewable raw materials such as natural rubber and plant-based oils.

The ContiSportContact Vmax’s tread and carcass were adapted to the high technical requirements. The tire features slightly reduced tread depth and a tread structure with more grooves on the inner part of the tire to reduce heat generation. The tire also has new cooling grooves and deeper, wider tread grooves that lead to better dissipate heat and allow a safe and dynamic way of driving at top speeds.

Another popular, innovative Continental tire is the ContiTouringContant CT/CH/CV/CW95. This product line is perfect for high-performance touring cars. They offer a smooth, low-noise ride and an unbeatable warranty. These tires feature a tri-radial tread contour that provides better wear, quiet ride, and a greater resistance to hydroplaning. The tire’s unique compound lowers rolling resistance for better gas mileage.

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