Delta Tires

Delta Tire merged with National Tire in 1989 to form the tire company Del-Nat. Delta is devoted to being the best private tire brand program in the industry. The company goes to great efforts to ensure great customer service in addition to great products. Delta provides a number of tires for passenger, performance and light truck vehicles - each of which are all outstanding in their class.

For passenger vehicles, Delta provides the Esteem Touring HR tire series. This tire series was designed for high mileage touring applications and has two steel belts with a reinforced tread area for handling and outstanding mileage. This tire series is excellent in all weather conditions due to its four wide grooves that remove water for amazing grip along with its tread design that produces traction no matter what the weather may be. This tire offers quality as well as comfort with its low noise emissions due to its tread design.

Delta designed the Delta Road Max tire for performance vehicles. This tire is full of class in appearance. It has a rugged tread pattern that is highly functional for multiple traction demands and a highly durable construction of two steel belts and two body plies of polyester that contribute to its rugged durability and even tread wear.

For LT tires, Delta manufactures the Sierradial A/S series. This remarkable tire series is designed for street dwelling SUV’s with its appealing all season tread design that incorporates large independent tread blocks with zig zag sipes that give outstanding all season traction. Its center running rib provides directional stability for easy highway driving and its two extra wide steel belts support a wide tread area that improve traction and steering stability. In addition, the tire has two body plies of polyester that create a strong and durable sidewall along with amazing ride comfort.

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