Dunlop Tires

In 1888, while watching his son ride a tricycle, John Boyd Dunlop noticed his son’s discomfort whenever he rode over cobbled ground with solid rubber wheels. John Dunlop knew that the solid rubber tires were to blame, so he wrapped the wheels in thin rubber sheets, glued them together, inflated them with a football pump for a cushioning effect, and created the first commercially viable pneumatic, or air-filled, tire. In 1889, Dunlop opened its first tire plant in Dublin, Ireland and its first factory in Birmingham, England just two years later; this was the beginning of Dunlop Rubber Company.

By the 1920s Dunlop had developed tires for cars capable of speeds over 200 mph. Dunlop’s technicians were the first to apply motorsport tire standards to the tires of everyday vehicles. This unique approach offered motorists and their vehicles the quality, durability, and endurance of tires designed for the racetrack. In the 1970s Dunlop created Denevo, the world’s first “fail safe” tire, giving driver’s total long-distance and high-speed control, even following punctures or blowouts. This innovation continues to this day with DSST (Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology) tires. The DSST tires can support a vehicle’s entire weight when the tire is flat, even if there is no tire pressure.

Dunlop’s goal is to get it right the first time. They are passionate about achieving excellence and have applied world-class quality standards throughout the company. Dunlop is also very committed to protecting and respecting the environment. They have introduced an Environmental Management System (EMS) as a part of their integrated quality, environment, health, and safety management system. They have regular audits and reviews on their environmental performance. Today, they use an average of 40% less energy to make a tire than in 1985.

One of Dunlop’s newest and most popular tires is the Signature, a premium touring tire. The tire features VersaLoad technology that delivers consistent handling, ride comfort, and tread wear in a wide range of load conditions. The tire also uses Dunlop’s Jointless Band Technology that helps maintain the tire’s structural integrity and enables smooth performance at highway speeds. Another feature is the tire’s highly detailed tread pattern including Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology and Evaqua Grooves which help deliver responsive dry handling, effective water evacuation, even wear, noise reduction, and confident all-season capability. T-rated Signature tires come with a 75,000 mile tread life limited warranty and H- and V-rated tires come with a 60,000 mile tread life limited warranty.

The Grandtrek AT20 is the “preferred choice for your luxury SUV.” The Grandtrek AT20 features VersaLoad Technology, Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology, open shoulder design with deep lateral grooves and cross-cut sipes, advanced tread compounding, and a bead apex design and Dimensionally Stable Polyester. VersaLoad Technology improves ride comfort and tread life and helps provide consistent performance in a wide range of loading conditions. Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology helps reduce noise for a quiet ride. The tire’s open shoulder design with deep lateral grooves and cross-cut sipes helps deliver all-season traction. It’s advanced tread compounding balances wet and dry traction with tread wear. The bead apex design and Dimensionally Stable Polyester helps maintain tire uniformity for a smooth, comfortable ride. The tire also comes with a 60,000 mile tread life limited warranty.

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