Hankook Tires

Hankook Tire was established in 1941 in Seoul, Korea. Hankook began production in 1942, originally producing 110,000 tires a year. Today, they produce over 50 million tires a year. Hankook made Korean business history in 1962 when they began exporting car tires for the first time. In 1974, Hankook developed their first Korean radial passenger tire. Their foreign trade continued to grow, and in 1980, their annual tire exports exceeded the $100 million level. Then in 1981, Hankook opened their first sales branch in the United States. Today, the company is represented in 16 countries.

For the first time in 1991, Hankook Tire was ranked among the top ten largest tire manufacturers worldwide. Another historic event occurred in 2003 when Hankook Tire formed a strategic alliance with the Michelin Group, the global market leader in the tire industry.

Hankook’s mission is to “ensure value for every customer in every Hankook product.” They achieve this by providing high-quality products and superior service at the corporate level, and through their network of tire dealers. Their mission contains five goals: to remain a leader in customer satisfaction, to be one of the best-known tire brands, to consistently provide top-quality products, to maintain a highly knowledgeable and motivated work force, and to achieve significant growth and strong financial results.

Hankook’s new Ventus V12 evo is an ultra-high performance tire that delivers superb control and breaking. The tire features an innovative multiple tread radius and HPSR compound technology that provides the superior precise control and responsiveness required for performance under extreme driving conditions. The Ventus V12 evo’s tire sales continue to spur market growth for Hankook in North America.

Another popular tire is the Dynapro MT RT03. The rugged tire is designed for “true off-road drivers.” V-shaped tread blocks are tapered for better grip in mud, sand, or snow. There are also “ejectors” built into the tread grooves to prevent stones from penetrating. Specifically designed shoulders keep dirt from building up and help prevent damage from impacts.

The Dynapro ATm is a premium, aggressive all-terrain tire for light truck, van, and sport utility vehicles. The tire features an innovative tread and sidewall design. The tire offers the best grip and acceleration both on-and off-road.

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