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In 1960, Samyang Tire, the predecessor of today’s Kumho Tire, was established in Yangdong, Kwangju City, Korea. Kumho manufactured their first compact passenger car tire in 1963. In 1976, Kumho set a Korean record, producing over one million tires in the year. By 1990, their total output exceeded 100 million tires. In 1992, they ranked among the top ten in the world tire market. Another milestone for Kumho was in 1999 when they developed their first run-flat tire, the fourth in the world tire industry. By 2003, they ranked ninth in the world tire industry.

Kumho’s vision is to become one of the top five global tire companies. Their management policy is to build a “Beautiful Company.” According to Kumho, a beautiful company is one that is not criticized, keeps their promise, is strong and trustworthy, takes social responsibility, and plays the role of an enterprise and contributes to the society.

The perfect choice for family transportation is the Solus KR21. The Solus KR21 is an all-season, premium touring tire that offers high performance, incredible mileage, and peace of mind. The tire features an advanced carbon tread compound that delivers outstanding wet and dry grip. Kumho’s ESCOT Tension Control technology increases the tension in the bead and shoulder area, providing improved handling and steering response. The tire has nylon belt edge layers, normally found in high-performance tires, which provide a higher degree of durability and stability. The tire also has full-depth sipes that cut through water film for greater wet traction and maximizes all-season performance, even during harsh winter conditions. The tire carries an unprecedented 85,000-mile limited treadwear warranty, which includes road hazard service for the first 25% of wear and 24-hour roadside assistance, which remains in effect for two years from the date of purchase.

The Road Venture AT is an innovative light truck and SUV tire that combines exceptional all-season traction with superb comfort. The Road Venture AT is ideal for the active family that drives mostly on highways and city streets. The tire has also earned the severe snow mark. The tire features Kumho’s ESCOT casing technology that diminishes the concentration of stress on every cord edge of the tire, and ensures a uniform contact patch with the road surface. The tire’s 5-rib design is complemented by cross and lateral grooves for efficient water evacuation. A straight, center rib block improves steering response and stability, and helps maintain low noise operation. The tire also has a 3-D tread block edge that prevents snow build-up in the tread, and contributes to longer, more even wear.

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