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The United States Rubber Company was founded in 1892. It was one of the original twelve stocks of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In 1941, they bought a controlling interest in the Gillette Safety Tire Company and became the world’s largest supplier of original equipment tires. In 1961 the company changed its name to Uniroyal Inc.

In 1964, the Uniroyal Tiger became the symbol of the company; signifying the tradition, perseverance, and pride that have been a part of the Uniroyal brand since they first started producing high quality, performance tires. Today, Uniroyal is devoted to putting all their efforts into making high quality, durable car and truck tires that go that extra mile for you.

In 2003, Uniroyal introduced the Laredo Cross Country Series, an SUV and pick-up tire built to conquer everyday adventures. The Laredo Cross Country features open tread grooves, a DuraShield construction, and TrU-Form technology. The open tread grooves help provide wet grip and all-season traction. The DuraShield construction offers durability and reliability on the road. The TrU-Form technology helps deliver long, even treadwear by equalizing stress on the contact patch. Contributing to the tire's improved wear is a square, stress-optimized contact patch that enhances tread block stability and minimizes surface temperatures. This tire has a full tread depth, which also contributes to a long tread life, as well as enhanced mud traction.

The Laredo series also includes the Laredo All Season AWP. This is Uniroyal's premium quality, highway all-season light truck radial that offers long mileage when used on sport utility vehicles and pickups. The tire features a tread design with a narrow continuous center rib to minimize premature wear and enhance ride and noise qualities. Deep tread grooves help resist hydroplaning by channeling water out of the contact patch. The tire's sharp-edged, independent tread blocks help provide great grip for turns. Under the tread pattern is Uniroyal's DuraShield construction that offers durability and reliability on the road.

In 2004, Uniroyal released a wide range of tires for cars and minivans. This series is called the Tiger Paw series, which delivers outstanding wear and great handling. The most popular tire in the series is the Tiger Paw Touring, the longest wearing and best handling Uniroyal passenger tire ever. This remarkable tire offers high-performance handling and stability in all seasons, effective water evacuation to help improve wet traction and, of course, offers durability and reliability on the road.

Another popular tire from the Tiger Paw series is the Tiger Paw AS-6000. The AS-6000 is a remarkable all-season tire featuring an advanced all-season tread design that provides consistent traction and wear. The tire has a solid center rib and stable tread blocks that delivers a solid, on-center feel and crisp steering response. The tire also features Uniroyal’s DuraShield construction and TrU-Form technology.

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